I do magic tricks. I’ve done them for people on sailboats in The British Virgin Islands, at parties in New York City, and on the Las Vegas strip.

It’s got nothing to do with magic, but I also know the words to every song by The Temptations. I’ve met an astronaut. At ten years old I learned my first card trick and that put me on a path to, well, wherever it is I am now. Magic is my job. I love it.

I'm a firm believer that you can never purchase enough fireworks. I own four Stevie Wonder shirts, and I wear all of them, sometimes at once. I've seen the film Jaws about a hundred times. 

I can vanish anything I can hold in my hand and I can even make most of those things reappear. I know what playing card you're thinking of and I can juggle up to 5 balls at the same time.

Bottles of liquor, dice, and mice have appeared under otherwise empty cups when I'm around.During my act I've made people laugh so hard they can't breathe. During my act I've laughed so hard I can't breathe. I've done magic shows for two thousand people, and for three people. 

Not “2003,” shows for two thousand and shows for three. Both.

The best way to get good at anything is to do it a lot. I've done five thousand shows on the street in Las Vegas trying to get good. It’s going pretty well.



Types of PerforMance

Stage Show: This my largest show. Put me on a stage and I'll tell jokes and do big, crazy tricks for up to an hour.

Close Up Show: My favorite show to perform, an intimate show that works in almost any setting, in a conference room, at a party, or even in your living room. You're only a few feet away from the tricks, and lots of audience members end up participating. some of them even perform the magic themselves.

Strolling Magic: This is what works best for most parties and events. Not an organized show, this is ambient entertainment where I wander around your event and mingle with your guests. Small miracles happen inches away from people, and even in your own hands!


Jacob Jax is clever, fearless, smart and funny.
I hate him.

- Las Vegas Headliner, Mac King




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